Dr. Scottsdale: Helping People Feel Better About Their Bodies with Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Scottsdale: Helping People with thinking about cosmetic surgery

Self-doubt is a universal woe. We have all experienced feelings of uncertainty or lack of esteem regarding some less-than-favorable aspect of ourselves. It’s a natural consequence of being paired with a brain that seeks perfection and a body that can never meet the mind’s standards. However, as Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Mata (aka Dr. Scottsdale®) points out, we are finding new ways to improve our bodies and our appearances every day. Cosmetic procedures that were once considered taboo are now safe and viable options to increase confidence and self-esteem. “Cosmetic procedures can help those plagued by self-doubts and body image issues to feel better about themselves and live a happier life,” Dr. Mata says.

Dr. Scottsdale Shifting the Perception of Plastic Surgery

Harvard-trained Dr. Carlos Mata is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Natural Results Plastic Surgery. He believes that the increase in interest may be the result of a growing social acceptance of plastic surgery. “With COVID and the explosion of social media like TikTok, plastic surgery is becoming more popular,” he explains. “People are not ashamed of talking about it anymore. Now that the stigma is dying out, men that have only wondered about the benefits of plastic surgery and non-surgical enhancement are gaining the confidence to take the next step and make an appointment.”

Dr. Scottsdale is Changing Lives with Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancement

These thoughts can seriously affect a person’s body image and self-confidence, which in turn can affect relationships, job performance, and other important areas of life. Dr. Scottsdale cosmetic procedures can help to address cosmetic concerns and increase confidence. As Dr. Scottsdale explains, “It’s a big commitment, and some people may not feel ready to take the risk.” That’s why Dr. Mata offers a range of non-surgical enhancements and non-invasive procedures.

Dr Scottsdale and Non-surgical Cosmetics

Dr Scottsdale typically opts for nonsurgical enhancements for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that nonsurgical procedures can be performed in the privacy of the Natural Results exam room, whereas more invasive surgeries requiring anesthesia or incisions would need to be undertaken in the operating room. In addition, nonsurgical enhancements allow for quicker recovery and no scarring.

Bilingual, Board-Certified, Harvard-trained: Meet Dr. Carlos Mata a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale

Dr. Carlos Mata has received much acclaim for his work in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 25,000 procedures over the course of 17 years in the industry, Dr. Mata has become an expert in cosmetic procedures and male enhancement. He believes in taking a person’s individual image of “beautiful” and bringing it to life through surgical sculpting. Dr. Mata also attends medical conferences to continue his education and volunteers for medical mission trips annually.